Anthological shelf with wheels


Anthological shelf with wheels

Originally designed for the Milan Design Week, this mobile shelf was conceived as a show-case of the Do­mus Academy students work in public spaces. The different branches of the school (furniture design, fashion design, interior design and architectural design) asked for a flexible shelf, that might be adapted to different scales of objects, and that could nevertheless work also as a “mobile Wunderkammer” hosting a collection of more or less inconsistent paraphernalia.

The mobile boot was designed in all its details. From the point of view of symbol it was aimed at evoking the carnevalesque chariots of Italian tradition, as well as some less-known episodes of corporate America marketing such as the General Motors Parade of Progress, 1940-41 and 1953-55.

Manfredo di Robilant
Preliminary project

DAR-urban_shelf_manfredo_di_robilant domus_01

DAR-urban_shelf_manfredo_di_robilant domus_02