Alessandro Armando


Alessandro Armando is assistant professor of architectural and urban design at the Polytechnic University of Turin, from which he holds a Ph.D. in Architecture and building design. Since 2005 he has been working as project consultant for the Urban Center Metropolitano in Turin, a department of the Turin municipality that acts as an interface between public and private investors on large scale urban developments. His research activity focuses mainly on the political and bureaucratic effects of architectural design on the urban processes, and he has published articles and essays investigating the connection between design and politics. Among his publications, Teoria del progetto architettonico (2017) (with Giovanni Durbiano); “Urban project as a tool for spatial integration of urban knowledge and sustainable development in the case of Southern Boulevard in City of Skopje”, in New Urban Configurations(Amsterdam, 2014) (with Ognen Marina) and La soglia dell’arte (Turin, 2009). His “Urban house with big window” in Cambridge MA (with Manfredo di Robilant) has been published by «Architectural Record», «The Architects Newspaper», «Domus», «Dezeen».